5 Great Tools & Resources that you simply got to Try

5 Great Tools & Resources that you simply got to Try

18 December, 2021
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5 Great Tools & Resources that you simply got to Try

There are often multiple reasons for not delivering a product on time. An example would be where progress slows down or grinds to a halt due to a client’s requirement can't be met. It is often thanks to the designer who doesn’t have the proper design tool for the task.

The following 5 tools and resources for designers and agencies are the simplest in their respective categories. As such, they will be productivity boosters, and in some cases, life-savers.

1. Be Theme

This multipurpose WordPress theme is tops in its class in terms of its potent array of core features and style options, alongside its flexibility and user-friendliness. as long as sales of this long-time favorite web design tool now exceed the 200,000 mark, you'll be assured of getting tangible value and an excellent return on your investment.

2. Traffic Booking Software

Traffic's fresh and modern design with easy to use dashboard and booking forms can simplify a booking operation’s workflows from starting to end and speed up the operation by 75% or more, making it a true game-changer for service-driven businesses.


- Manages your appointments, services, and employees
- Automatically transmits email notifications to your customers and   employees
- Easily and fully integrates with Zoom
- allows you to customize the Traffic Booking Form to travel together   with your brand
- Manages pricing, online payments, and employee’s work and vacations   schedules
Traffic remains in an early phase of operation. If you'd wish to help shape and improve it you'll do so by providing feedback, In this manner, you'll shape this software to form it even better.

3. wpDataTables

While there's no shortage of quality table and chart-building applications on the market, the amount of these which will be counted on to try to do an honest job for you significantly decreases if you need one or more of the following:

- the power to make responsive and interactive tables and charts
- A frontend editing capability that permits tables and charts to be   easily maintained
- a capability to process extremely large amounts of knowledge which   will come in various formats and/or from various sources
- the power to process large amounts of knowledge, including real-time data in minutes if not seconds
- Conditional formatting and styling capabilities to enhance   table/chart readability and understandability by highlighting or   color-coding key information

With the wpDataTables plugin, you'll do all the above and more. Additional features include advanced filters, Gravity, and Formidable Forms add-ons, and an in-depth user manual.

4. LayerSlider

LayerSlider, a longtime favorite of web designers, is not any longer only for creating amazing sliders. it's now a multi-use application for animation and content creation that many active users enjoy.

- It’s the right tool for giving an old website a contemporary look
- Popups with extensive animation capabilities are a singular   LayerSlider feature
- LayerSlider is all drag and drops and mobile device and SEO friendly

5. Amelia Booking Plugin

With the Amelia WordPress booking plugin, you'll manage appointments, events, and employees’ schedules with one tool.

- there's no limit to the number of appointments, clients, or   employees
- Clients can book or change appointments online 24/7, and don't have   to log in to WordPress to try to so
- Amelia easily integrates with Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar,   Zoom, and therefore the Elementor page builder
- Clients and employees have their own separate front-end panels for   easy booking management

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