Significance Of Designing Your Website Around The Content

Significance Of Designing Your Website Around The Content

6 July, 2019
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Meeting the client's requirements, assessing the market competition, and ensuring superior user experience are some of the key areas that the designers have to focus on. Ignoring any of these factors can land them into troubled waters. Thus, to avoid undesirable outcomes, going for content-centred web design is the best thing to do. When we talk about designing websites around the content, the focus should be on getting the content (imagery, text, and call to action) in hand before even beginning the website framework. Many amateur web designers begin the design work after discussing the project with the client, without paying heed to the type of content that has to come. Such an approach often leads to unappealing content placement that doesn't catch the attention of the users, even if the content is of high quality. Moreover, with major search engines giving greater weightage to high-quality content and user experience, having an attractive website design with poor content placement would indirectly affect your search ranking. Thus, the correct approach when working on a content-centred website design goes like this- Get the content before the design – In order to design unique websites, having the content with you before the design is the key. This is not only the correct approach when designing a functional and practical website, but also makes the job of the web designer easier. As the designer, you get a clear insight on what the website is all about, and with that insight you can add colours, themes and other functionalities for the site that would complement the content effectively. Don't add unnecessary tabs – When you are starting out on the web design, don't create tabs which you think would be unnecessary on the website when you don't have the appropriate content for it. For instance, the client provides you content which just has a paragraph on the company information and the services it offers, you should opt for a one-page web design because creating unnecessary web pages without any content would leave a bad impression on the users. Empty pages make the web design look amateur, and to avoid leaving such an impression do away with unnecessary pages and tabs. If the client has plans to add a blog section or a service page, but hasn't provided the content yet, you should not create the page with a "Coming Soon" message. Rather, you can create the pages later when the content is available. Take inspiration from sites with similar content – Like an artist takes inspiration from his surroundings, a web designer too should seek inspiration from the web world. You can go through other websites to understand how they have placed the same kind of content to make it readable, effective and user-friendly. Applying these factors in your design would take the design to an all new level. Do not copy the design but you can use such websites as a guide of reference to understand how to effectively lay the content. Encourage clients to add valuable content – The content of a website has to promote a brand and there has to be marketing messages to be conveyed to the targeted audience. This content has to be in the form of text and imagery, and in the absence of effective content, even an attractive website design would fail. So, for the success of the website design you must encourage your client to provide you with valuable content. Keeping these points in mind you can create a website that not only looks attractive, but also highlights the content and engages the users. Being a web designer, it is your responsibility to ensure that the site is not only technically functional, but also connects to the users, and by wrapping your design around the content you can achieve that objective.

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