Website Design is most important for a Website

Website Design is most important for a Website

6 February, 2021
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Web Design articles The Web Showroom’s primary office is headquartered in Sydney, Australia and is only a brief walk from Central Station. Click on the ‘About’ button in the top navigation to learn more of the company's details. Our team assists businesses throughout Australia. However, as a result of the business' geographical location it should come as no surprise that many clients initially find The Web Showroom by a quick Google search for website design Sydney or other associated phrases related to the location of the main office.

Proudly the company is not confined by its physical location when working with organisations. Despite the fact that many of the web design clients are located in Sydney, many others are located in Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, and elsewhere in Australia. The Web Showroom is pleased to deliver its services to over 1,400 clients throughout the country.

Other Web Design Resources

The site contains vast resources on many web design topics to assist individuals and companies whether seeking information about related topics or are looking to hire a professional company. This is one way The Web Showroom wanted to thank the entire Australian internet community for contributing to our success. That in mind, please take a look at the web design resources area of the website that includes informative content coupled with valuable tools, such as an online photo editor that allows anyone with an internet browser to easily modify photos and if desired incorporate them into a site.

Go through their portfolio to see if they have worked with businesses at your level

If you are a local business, then choose a web design agency that works with small and medium-sized businesses. Working with a design agency that services Fortune 500 companies will definitely cost a lot. A small or medium business doesn’t need to go through the same elaborate design process as these big companies.

What Goes Into Building A Website?

To build a website, you need to get project managers, writers, designers and developers to come together to bring your vision to life. Here’s what goes into building your website.

1. Planning

Before you embark on a new website, you typically plan out your website with your agency or freelancer. This is where you’ll discuss your domain name, what type of business website you want to build, what functionality you need, how many pages your website will have, website design and how much you’re willing to budget for your site.

Your agency or freelancer will take your requirements, plan out the tasks required and make sure they get the designers, writers and developers they need to help them deliver your website within your budget.

2. Project management

A website requires a project manager to plan the website, manage developers, designers and writers that come together to build a website and make sure that progress is on track.

The project manager also provides you with updates and discusses key decisions with you through phone calls, emails and in-person meetings. Around 10% of the cost of a site can be attributed to project management.

3. Site structure and architecture

Your project manager will plan out your site structure and how your web pages will link together. This will help users to navigate your website better to find the information they are looking for.

4. Content writing

You need to fill up your website with content to educate your visitors about your services and the problem that you solve for them. Well-written pages can engage your website visitors, encourage them to keep reading and push them to take the action you want which is usually to make a sales enquiry.

You can hire writers or opt to write the content yourself. Content that is optimised for SEO can rank higher in Google search results and more people can find your website.

5. Web media

Web media includes graphics, videos and images for your website. High-quality media can capture your visitors’ attention and help them understand your services. It can also help you express your brand identity.

You can find stock images for your website or hire a photographer to take photos for you. Video producers and graphic designers can also come in to help you produce high-quality video and graphics for your website.


A developer will turn your website design into a fully functional website. He or she will also make sure your website has fast loading speeds and looks good on all devices including smartphones and tablets.

Developers may also build custom functionality for your website to help it stand out from your competitor’s websites or integrate your website with your systems so you can automate some of your processes.


Your developer will usually test your website thoroughly to make sure there are no bugs and pages with errors. This is essential to ensure smooth user experience for your visitors and you won’t risk losing prospects who didn’t contact you because they were taken to a broken link!

8.Hosting & Maintenance

Every website needs hosting, or a place for your website to “live” so that people can connect to it. Most website hosting providers charge a monthly fee of at least $60 per month depending on your bandwidth and storage requirements and it is recommended that you get dedicated hosting.

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