What’s the objective of your website?

What’s the objective of your website?

How Effective is Your Website?

To make the best possible first impression on the people who visit your website, it’s essential that you understand your online visitors and what they want. In doing so, you’ll be fast-tracking your business into gaining more business leads and improving the overall quality, and level of user engagement on your website.

How Can I Learn About My Website Users?

When people visit your website, you can use a tool like Google Analytics to track what they’re doing. Google Analytics will allow you to collect the following information:

  • How many visitors you’re getting
  • How long people are spending on your site
  • What pages they’re looking at, and how long they’re looking at them
  • Which links people are clicking on
  • Which pages people are spending the most time on
  • Which pages people spend the least amount of time on, or which pages people view before leaving your site
  • Plus much more!

In a perfect world, this information would tell you that people love your site and you don’t need to make any improvements! However, as wonderful as this would be, even if you have the best website in the world there’s always room for improvement.

By using a tool like Google Analytics, you’ll be successfully analysing the habits of your users, and identifying the areas of your site that are working well, along with the areas that might need a little extra work. This might mean removing the links or pages that no one clicks on, or making each page more user-friendly.

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