When to Update Your Website and Why

A lot of people ask us “how often should I update my website?

Truth is, there is no magical figure or time frame for updating your website. Whilst updating, redesigning and reengineering your website is important, decisions on when to do so should be based on your business objectives and economical considerations, rather than an allocated time period.

There are some fundamental questions to ask yourself before deciding on wether or not to refresh your site

Is your website not generating the traffic you’re hoping for?

Are you not getting enough conversion through your website?

Does your website not reflect exactly what you do as a business?

Are you receiving high bounce rates from your website?

Are you embarrassed to direct people to your website?

Yes to any/all of the above are definitely signs that your website needs to be updated.

3 Important Factors to Consider for Website Updating:

1. Is your website responsive?

Websites need to be accessed on desktops, tablets, mobile phones, and any other devices. The design of your website should responsively adjust accordingly for ease of user experience.

Interesting Responsive Facts:

This year, Mobile web use has overtaken Desktop for the first time

In a 2012 Google study, 74% of people said they’re more likely to return to a mobile-friendly site, and

67% of people said they’re more likely to purchase products from a mobile-friendly site.

these figures are only expected to keep rising.

2. Is your website easily updated?

Your website, as your digital business card, should be constantly updating and growing with your business. To stay in tune with your operations, keep your new and existing clients informed, and incentivise Google to keep sending searchers to your relevant website. A user friendly CMS (Content Management System) is critical for performing regular updates with ease.

Interesting CMS Facts:

The most common CMS platform, WordPress, currently powers more than 27% of the entire internet

WordPress represents 59% of all websites using CMS

There are over 74 million website’s currently relying on good old WordPress

3. Do your users enjoy their experience on your website?

The modern internet user is time poor, internet savvy, and spoilt for choice… meaning you only get a small window of opportunity to earn their trust once they land on your website. Ensuring your website is easy to navigate and provides all the important information is essential!

Interesting UX Facts:

It takes less than a second for a user to make judgment on your website

55% of website visitors spend less than 15 seconds on any given site

Heat Mapping technology can be used to effectively test how users interact with your website

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